Mizar 9 RGB



Mizar 9 RGB underwater LED fountain light

  • Made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and nickel-plated brass, 3-8 mm thick
  • 24 VDC – 9 W max power
  • Onboard LED driver – No external LED drivers
  • 0-10 VPWM control (or DMX-RDM in combination with DMX-PWM4 Converter)
  • RGB full color (3 in 1) LEDs with wide chromatic range
  • Specific optics for superior color mixing
  • 10 m of Cascade cable, AD8 certified for permanent immersion
  • Fast IP68 underwater junction upon request
  • IP68 protection rate up to 10 m of depth
  • Demountable and accessible in every part in case of maintenance



The underwater LED fountain light Mizar 9 has been studied and designed specifically for fountain and water effects illumination and it is available in the RGB version.

Made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and nickel-plated brass with high mechanical features, stainless steel screws, silicone rubber gaskets, nickel-plated brass glands and stainless steel clamp (for its wall or floor anchorage in the orientable version).

The RGB full color next generation LEDs, integrated inside a single case, with high chromatic performance together with specific optics ensure a wide chromatic range and an excellent colour mixing.

It is possible to control and change the light’s colour by using the electronic digital PWM controller Cascade MPS4-mod or, for more complex systems, by exploiting the digital DMX protocol control together with the Cascade DMX-PWM4 Converter.

Provided with an onboard LED driver, the light does not need any other external drivers.

It can be built-in using the stainless steel or PVC recess.

In the standard version, the underwater LED fountain light Mizar 9 RGB is complete with 10 m of a six-conductor PBS8F 2×0,5 + 4×0,34 mm² cable suitable for permanent immersion according to the NF C 15-100 AD8 law. Upon request, it can be supplied with different cable length or with an IP68 underwater junction to ease and fast the installation and possible maintenance of the light.

The light is totally IP68, suitable for permanent immersion without using any resin, but at the same time entirely demountable and accessible in every part in case of need for maintenance.


Technical features

  Mizar 9 RGB
Material AISI 316 L stainless steel – Nickel-plated brass
Power supply 24 VDC
Max power 9 W
LEDs 3 Power LEDs 3 W Full Color RGB
Colour RGB
Max luminous flux 600 lm
Light beam 30°
Control 0-10 V (analogic or PWM)
Cable 2×0,5 + 4×0,34 mm2 – 10 m – AD8 certified for permanent immersion
Protection level IP68