Multiple PWM Station MPS4-mod

Multiple PWM Station MPS4-mod

The control unit Multiple PWM Station MPS4-mod is an intelligent four-channel PWM driver designed to drive LED lights with onboard electronics or driver (see the section MIZAR LED LIGHTS).

The MPS4 can work in different modes:

  • STAND-ALONE unit able to drive four channels (RGBW) according to 16 different scenarios;
  • DMX Master able to drive, through a DMX bus, other MPS4 set as slave drivers (in order to increase the number of drivable lights of the system) or other standard DMX slave devices;
  • DMX Slave able to drive the outputs according to the instructions received from the DMX network connected.

The board is provided with a box suitable to be mounted on a DIN rail.


Technical features

  Multiple PWM Station-mod
Code MPS4-mod
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Absorbed power 20 VA
Output PWM voltage 10 V tipica (48 V max)
Output current 200 mA
PWM outputs 4 (R+, R-, B+, B-, G+, G-, W+, W-)
Input DMX lines 1
Through DMX lines 1
Dimensions 152 x 95 x 125 mm