Interior fountains

Modern indoor decoration fountains

Cascade interior fountains are fountains with a modern and refined design.

The surface of the tanks is extremely natural and recalls the candid and delicate effect of the marble chips.

Installation is quick and easy, because:

  1. they do not require construction works
  2. they are easy to move
  3. they need a very low volume of water (about 180 l)

By inserting small furniture elements, Cascade’s interior fountains integrate harmoniously into the context in which they are inserted.

The use of pebbles, also of various sizes and colors, allows you to play with your imagination and enrich the design of the fountain to your liking.

Some ideas

  • create a small corner of elegance inside your home
  • furnish outdoor spaces with style, such as the terrace
  • modernize the hall of a hotel or an internal courtyard

Models with simple and elegant lines