DMX-PWM4 Converter

The DMX-PWM4 Converter allows the interconnection of a DMX/RDM network to any PWM controllable device.

The converter is provided with four optically isolated PWM outputs, which make it ideal to control the ultimate RGBW LED light technology. Alternatively, it is possible to control more devices with the same converter, such as a group of RGB fountain lights together with an inverter or a submersible fountain pump.

Two analog inputs allow to choose among four different working modes of the outputs. In particular, the “anemometer mode” allows to change the water jets height according to wind, but leaving the fountain DMX programming unchanged; all this in combination with the 4-threshold Digital Anemometer SCV4.

The special DMX port allows to connect up to 95 converters on the same communication network without using any DMX splitter.

The Converter’s DMX address can be set by RDM protocol with dedicated software.

Its compactness and small dimensions allow to place side by side many converters on the same DIN guide, thus promising the control of a high number of devices in an extremely limited space.


Technical features

  DMX-PWM4 Converter
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Absorbed power 1 W
Outputs 4 optically isolated
PWM output voltage 10 V typical (48 V max)
Current for each output 50 mA max
Communication protocol DMX-RDM
DMX channels 4
Dimensions 110 x 90 x 17,5 mm
Material Polyamide