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Dynamic dry fountain
Alba Adriatica - Italy - 2020

Dry fountain made up of 15 Cascade Smart Dry Systems, each powered by a low voltage submersible DMX pump and illuminated by a pair of Mizar 9 RGB Cascade underwater lights.

Ideal fountain for squares and playgrounds, with which even children can play and interact safely.
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A. Moro Square fountain
Molfetta - Italy - 2019

Public fountain built in the "Aldo Moro" square of the Molfetta railway station.

This splendid and elegant static ornamental fountain enriches the entrance of the Molfetta railway station, through plays of water and light obtained with Spumeggiante foaming jets and the underwater LED lights of the Mizar RGB Cascade series.

The design of the fountain, the provision and supervision of the construction works were followed entirely by Cascade.
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Musical fountain for Wedding Hall
Italy - 2019

Fascinating and emotional musical fountain, made with both surface pumps and low voltage DMX submersible pumps.

The design, supply of the fountain equipment and the control system were made entirely by Cascade.
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Koper Park musical fountain
Koper - Slovenia - 2018

Dry fountain made in 2018, consisting of 127 Smart Dry Systems, DMX-controlled, for a total of 127 Cometa Plus 14 nozzles, 127 CS 24-80 DMX/PWM submersible pumps, 127 Mizar underwater LED lights and 127 DMX-PWM4 converters.

The fountain has been realized on a floating floor, with the compensation tank just under the fountain. This has allowed the use and easy installation of Cascade Smart Dry Systems, thanks to the insertion from above of each device with its stainless steel framework and the quick connection to the electrical supply and control cables by means of Cascade IP68 underwater connectors.

Components, control panels, musical programming and DMX control entirely designed, produced and supplied by Cascade.
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Musical fountain for 5-star luxury resort
Italy - 2018

Musical fountain entirely designed by Cascade and located in a 5-star luxury resort in the south of Italy. The system expands on a 700-m2 water surface and it consists of custom-made stainless steel rings and manifolds, the biggest with a diameter of 17 m, for a total of 213 fountain nozzles, 85 V-Fast 100 pneumatic valves, 268 Mizar fountain LED lights, 11 dry pumps with inverters and 95 DMX-PWM4 converters, for a total of 380 DMX channels used.

The technical room extends on about 90 m2 and 13 m of length and inside are lodged the control panels, the pumps, the supply manifolds for the rings and the compressor for the pneumatic system.

Fountain components and lighting, hydraulic-pneumatic-electrical distribution system, technical room, control panels and DMX programming designed and supplied by Cascade.
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The Triton Fountain
Valletta - Malta - 2017

Historical fountain and symbol of the Capital, in 2017 the Triton Fountain has been restored to its ancient beauty thanks to the technical support and consultation of Cascade.

From the design of the new hydraulic distribution system and technical room up to the production of custom-made stainless steel manifolds and rings, Cascade has curated the renewal of the fountain hydraulic system, by inventing specific technical solutions suitable to solve the problems and complexities of the plant.
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“The Hug” musical fountain
Italy - 2017

This wonderful fountain is the result of an original Cascade concept and design. The idea is that the spectator, after positioning on the central platform, is surrounded by the fountain in a “hug” of water, light and colour.

The system consists mainly of two shaped symmetrical manifolds, on which are installed 64 Spumeggiante 20 nozzles, 64 V-Fast 100 pneumatic valves and 78 Mizar LED fountain lights.

The series of the water jets and the independent control of each valve and light allow to produce extraordinary water and colour effects.
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Poolside dry fountain
Italy - 2016

This particular fountain stands out, among dry fountains, for its peculiar design entirely by Cascade.

25 custom-made floor Boxes are placed around the big pool in two groups. Each jet is oriented toward the pool, in order to produce water parabolas starting from the poolside and ending inside water.

Besides the nozzle, in each Box are included also a V-Fast 100 pneumatic valve and a Mizar RGB underwater light. The individual control of each single pneumatic valve and light guarantees highly spectacular effects.

The system is enriched and completed by a ring-shaped manifold with a 6 m diameter, placed under the central platform and complete with Cometa nozzles and Mizar 3 underwater RGB LED lights.
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Tanger musical dry fountain
Tanger - Morocco - 2016

Placed on the seafront of Tanger port, in Morocco, this important dry fountain extends on a length of 100 m.

Made in 2016, this plant consists of 137 foor boxes with 137 Spumeggiante 20 nozzles, 137 V-Fast 100 pneumatic valves and 411 Mizar underwater LED lights. The control technology is DMX. The technical room houses the compressor for the pneumatic system, the 11 dry pumps with inverters and the control panels.

Components, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric distribution systems, technical room, control panels, DMX control and musical programming designed, produced and supplied by Cascade.
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Water tunnel
Italy - 2015

The Water Tunnel is a spectacular water effect of great visual impression, which allows the passage under the water jets without worrying to get wet (for example the Newlyweds’ walk). In order to achieve this, the Tunnel is made of special manifolds designed according to the desired Tunnel length and using specific techniques to make the nozzles’ water flow as stable as possible.

7 m long, 6 m wide and 4 m high, it is a very interesting water attraction, especially for parks, public spaces and accommodation facilities in general.

The chromatic effect is obtained using Cascade Mizar underwater LED fountain lights. The best effect is achieved illuminating each single water jet both at the start and at the end.

The Water Tunnel can be custom-made according to the customer’s specific needs, both in length and in width.
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Astana musical fountains
Astana - Kazakhstan - 2004

Within the framework of the construction of Astana, in 2004 Cascade designed and supplied the components and the systems necessary for the realization of the musical fountains in front of Bayeterek Tower. Overall, the plants consists of 730 water jets and 1572 underwater lights. The control technology used is DMX.

Components, electrical distribution systems, technical rooms, control panels, DMX control and musical programming designed, produced and supplied entirely by Cascade.