DMX Controller 1024 for fountains

The DMX Controller 1024 allows to program the whole network of DMX devices which make up even the most complex fountains.

This device manages up to 1024 DMX channels (2 universes), it is provided with internal clock and astronomic calendar, Ethernet connection and, upon request, remote infrared and Wi-Fi control.

The controller allows to program astonishing water and light effects for fountains through a dedicated software.

The programmed scenes can be synchronized with music by integrating the Cascade DMX Music Player into the system.


Technical features

 DMX Controller 1024
Supply voltage5 VDC – 0,6 A
Communication protocolDMX
DMX universes2 (1024 channels)
MemoryMicro SD Card, 4 GB max
Dimensions79 x 92 x 43 mm