Musical and dancing fountains



Musical and dancing fountains

Cascade offers a complete selection of products, electronic components and professional software allowing to realize musical fountains and dancing fountains of any kind and dimension.

The control systems, designed, studied and produced specifically to drive pumps, inverters, dynamic nozzles and Led lights are our exclusive Cascade Fontane products, used to create water movement and light effects synchronously with music, in order to make musical fountains exciting and suggestive.

The complete line of our hydraulic and electronic products, combined to our Cascade exclusive “know how” and to professional programming and DMX-RDM control software, allow to produce a real direction that makes the fountain dance with music, creating tailored water shows and emphasizing the different scenes.

In Cascade, thanks to our technical staff, we are able to offer large cooperation to study, design and realize musical fountains and dancing fountains of any kind, even building custom-made products and systems preassembled in our factory, which minimize the work on the construction site.

From our proudly “Made in Italy” production, we try to show the professionalism that has been the honor of our job for more than 30 years.

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