LED underwater fountain lights

LED lighting for fountains and swimming pools

Cascade offers a complete series of underwater LED lights for fountains and pools, RGB and RGBW, of the latest generation, complete with a wide range of accessories (permanent immersion cables, recess niches, anchors, etc.) and control devices.

Why choose Cascade submersible lights

  • Underwater spotlights with high degree of protection (IP68)
  • Easy maintenance (they can be dismantled and accessible in all their parts)
  • LED driver on board
  • Wide range of powers available
  • Available in both AISI 316 L stainless steel (Mizar series) and polyamide (Poli series)
  • Specific optics for color mixing (Mizar series)
  • Internal temperature sensor (in the “DMX” version, Mizar series)
  • Full color RGBW LEDs (4 in 1), full color RGB LEDs (3 in 1) or monochromatic LEDs (depending on the model)

The elegant design of the Mizar series makes the Cascade LED lights also suitable for outdoor and architectural lighting.