IP68 underwater junctions

IP68 underwater junctions for fountains

Made of brass/stainless steel/polyamide, the IP68 underwater junctions for permanent immersion are designed and studied to be leakproof and to allow extremely reliable underwater electrical connections, such as for the Mizar Led underwater fountain lights and the 24 Vdc submersible fountain pumps.

Nickel-plated brass cable glands included.

Different number of connections upon request.


Technical features

  IP68 underwater junctions
Code GIU2 GIU3 GIU4 GIU124
No. of ways 2 3 4 3-6
ø cable PR14 PR14 1 PG16 e 3 PR14 PG7,PG9,PG13 e PR8-14
Material Brass / Stainless steel Brass / Stainless steel Brass / Stainless steel Composite material