Smart Dry System



Smart Dry System for dry fountains

The Smart Dry System is a complete system, ideal for dry fountains with floating floor in which the compensation tank is just below the fountain. It includes the nozzle, the Mizar underwater Led lights, the DMX low voltage submersible pump and the necessary accessories.

Extremely easy to install, thanks to its stainless steel support framework allowing to insert and remove the whole system from above, thus simplifying the access to all the fountain components and the necessary maintenance.

The Smart Dry System is a repeatable, modular and versatile solution that allows to realize dynamic and musical dry fountains of any dimension and of extraordinary water and light effects, since it makes possible to control by DMX protocol each water jet pump and lights individually and independently from the others.

Provided with stainless steel upper plate, Ø variable according to the specific application, 5 mm thick, walkable.


Technical features

  Smart Dry System
Code SDS
Plate dimensions Ø variable, 5 mm thickness
Suitable nozzles CO12 Plus – CO14 Plus – SP20
Suitable lights Mizar 6 – Mizar 9 – Mizar 24 Ring
Suitable pumps CS 24-80 DMX/PWM – CS 24-150 DMX/PWM
Framework and plate material Stainless steel