Preassembled fountains with tank

The pre-assembled fountains with Cascade tank are prefabricated ready-to-use fountains. They are complete with fountain basin, nozzles, pumps and all necessary accessories.

Multiple uses

  • The complete system allows you to create ornamental outdoor fountains, suitable for enriching the garden or a public area, with extreme ease and speed
  • The fiberglass tanks, with the necessary equipment for the oxygenation of the water, are suitable for the creation of suggestive garden ponds
  • With the use of suitable covering materials and furnishing elements, the complete system can also be used to create elegant indoor fountains

Advantages of pre-assembled fountains with Cascade tank

  1. Functional certainty: tested in every part in our manufacturing plant, they guarantee a professional and reliable product
  2. Perfect watertight seal: unlike the classic concrete tanks
  3. Fast installation: installation is extremely simple and fast
  4. Non-invasive installation: existing gardens are not damaged
  5. Functionality with respect for beauty: there are no visible pumps, tangles of cables and pipes
  6. Durability: the tanks are made of reinforced composite material
  7. Finished product: the tank is ready for use and does not require any further internal finishing

Models for every need

Cascade offers 11 models with over 30 variations of fountain basins.

Each model can be combined with more than 100 types of nozzles, to obtain various solutions and satisfy any need.