Custom-made solutions



Custom-made solutions for dry fountains

Dry Fountains are hideaway floor fountains allowing to use the same area both as water play space and as a urban accessible place when the fountain is off.

Its realization always involves the presence of Boxes to be floor built-in to house the nozzle and the underwater lights.

Besides standard Boxes and thanks to the extreme flexibility of its production system, Cascade is able to build special custom-made Boxes and solutions for dry fountains, specifically produced according to the customer’s needs.

Moreover, it is always needed a compensation tank with the suitable accessories (see the sections HYDRAULIC ACCESSORIES FOR FOUNTAINS, ACCESSORIES FOR DRY FOUNTAINS and FOUNTAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS).

For more information, please contact directly our Technical Office, which is available for the study and, above all, for the judicious choice of the most suitable solutions for every specific project, which might lead to unpleasant surprises if faced superficially.

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