Control panels for fountains


Control panels for fountains

CASCADE boasts more than 30 years of experience in the design, assembling and testing of command and control panels for any kind of fountain system.

The panels’ features change according to the needs and requirements of the system to be controlled, ranging from static or dynamic dancing fountains, to more complex systems such as musical fountains and multimedia fountains. The panels are always custom-made according to the client’s requests and needs.

The panels are designed and assembled including all or part of CASCADE fountain control systems and electric accessories: power supplies for pumps, lights and control electronics; pumps’ inverters; anemometric control systems; water level control systems; RS-485 networks to manage lights, pumps, valves and any other water equipment using the DMX-RDM protocol, with the possibility of monitoring the operating state of the connected devices, everything programmed according to dynamic or musical water shows.

In accordance with the client’s needs and in order to ensure the operation of the fountain system in any situation and event, even in emergency, the control panel is designed to work in different operating modes: the manual working mode, allowing the manual selection of the lights colour and water jets height using switches and potentiometers; the DMX-RDM operating mode, controlling the fountain according to the a priori programming of some chosen dynamic and musical choreographies; the real-time DMX-RDM musical operating mode, allowing the fountain to respond to any kind of non-programmed music piece.

On the basis of the type of system and technical room, CASCADE control panels can be assembled in wall, floor or street panels.