Water tunnel




Water Tunnel

The Water Tunnel is a spectacular water effect of great visual impression, which allows the passage under the water jets without worrying to get wet (for example the Newlyweds’ walk). In order to achieve this, the Tunnel is made of special manifolds designed according to the desired Tunnel length and using specific techniques to make the nozzles’ water flow as stable as possible.

7 m long, 6 m wide and 4 m high, it is a very interesting water attraction, especially for parks, public spaces and accommodation facilities in general.

The chromatic effect is obtained using Cascade Mizar underwater Led fountain lights. The best effect is achieved illuminating each single water jet both at the start and at the end.

It is a water effect that requires wide spaces, especially where the water falls, needing a sufficiently wide basin.

The Water Tunnel can be custom-made according to the customer’s specific needs, both in length and in width.