DMX Splitter 16CH

The DMX Splitter 16 CH allows to reproduce on 16 output buses the DMX signal received from the input bus, unchanged and identical for all the outputs. This allows to connect on the same network more than the standard 32 DMX devices permitted. Indeed, thanks to the Splitter 16 CH, additional 31 standard DMX devices can be connected in daisy chain on each of the 16 output buses.

A single Splitter 16 CH allows to increase the network by 16×31 other standard DMX devices, 496 in total.

Thanks to the 16 optically isolated (in pairs) outputs, the Splitter 16 CH guarantees high reliability of the DMX output data transmission, introducing a further degree of protection of the devices from disturbances that could otherwise propagate in the entire network.

The device is supplied complete with a case suitable to be mounted on DIN guide.


Technical features

 DMX Splitter 16 CH
Supply voltage24 VDC, 125 mA
Absorbed power3 W
Input DMX lines1
Through DMX lines1
Output DMX lines16
Dimensions150 x 95 x 125 mm