DMX Music Player

The DMX Music Player, controlled by DMX protocol, can be operated with the use of any driver exploiting the DMX standard (see DMX Controller 1024). The player can cooperate with DMX devices in four or seven-channel modes.

The SD/MMC card can be uploaded with up to 85 tracks saved in the WAV format of any length, the only limitation is the capacity of the memory card.

The functions implemented by the Player using the DMX control allow for playback, selection of a particular song, looping one and multiple tracks, smooth volume control, bass, treble and balance control. Moreover, the menu of the device allows for defining the behaviour of the player if no DMX signal is present.

The unit is produced in a housing adapted for mounting on 35-millimeter DIN buses which facilitates installation to a great extent.


Technical features

  DMX Music Player
Supply voltage 12-24 VDC
Communication protocol DMX512
DMX channels 4 o 7
Suitable audio format .wav
Output audio Balanced out, Unbalanced out
Memory SD-SDHC card
Dimensions 105 x 86 x 60 mm