Trittico floating fountain

The Trittico floating fountain consists of a floating body of composite material and a stainless steel support framework, to which must be added a suitable pump, the chosen nozzles and the suitable lighting (see the section MIZAR LED LIGHTS).

Both the central nozzle and the three outer ones (placed on three spacing arms) are provided with axial regulation flange and flow regulator.

Suitable nozzles for the Trittico floating fountain: Cometa Plus 10-12-14-15-16-17-18-20 Corona 24-6/25-6 Girandola Giglio RealePirouetteSpumeggiante 32Vulcano 30-31-46.


Technical features

Max dimensions Ø 200 cm
Nozzles 4 among CO10P – CO12 – CO14 – CO15 – CO16 – CO17 – CO18 – CO20 – CR24-6 – CR25-6 – GI100 – GR100 – PI100 – SP32 – VU30 – VU31 – VU46
Pump 1 submersible pump 230/400 Vac or 4 submersible pumps 24 Vdc, according to the nozzles
Water effect dimensions h 205 cm, Ø 270 cm max
Framework material Stainless steel
Floats material Black or light blue composite material


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