Corona fountain nozzle

The Corona fountain nozzle is made of brass and it is independent from the water level.

It consists of a central manifold and a series of radial arms, complete with directable Cometa nozzles.

The effect is a crown of crystalline water jets.

Available in different versions, with 18 or 24 lateral jets, with or without central Cometa.


Tips for use and applications

The Corona nozzle produces circular water effects on a very small diameter.

It is possible to realize variable geometries thanks to the directable Cometa nozzles.

Ideal for small and medium size basins (see the PREASSEMBLED FOUNTAINS WITH TANK section).

We suggest the use of the axial regulation flange.

Underwater lighting: to enhance the water effect with monochrome or RGBW lighting features we recommend the use of the Mizar underwater LED fountain lights, professional products specific for fountain illumination, of refined design, cutting-edge technology and amazing lighting outcomes.


Technical features

 Corona 18-4Corona 18-6Corona 24-4Corona 24-6Corona 19-4Corona 19-6Corona 25-4Corona 25-6
N° jets18 lateral18 lateral24 lateral24 lateral18 lat. | 1 central18 lat. | 1 central24 lat. | 1 central24 lat. | 1 central
ø lateral | central jets4 mm6 mm4 mm6 mm4 mm | 8 mm6 mm | 10 mm4 mm | 8 mm6 mm | 10 mm
Max water jet height*2,5 m4,5 m2,5 m4,5 m2 m | 4 m2,5 m | 5 m2 m | 4 m2,5 m | 5 m
Connection1” M2” M1” M2” M2” M2” M2” M2” M
Weight5 Kg5 Kg6,5 Kg6,5 Kg5,5 Kg5,5 Kg7 Kg7 Kg

*Maximum recommended height.