Four-threshold SCV4 anemometer

Four-threshold SCV4 anemometer for fountains

Four-threshold digital multichannel anemometer for fountains. It is possible to manage the four thresholds both with an ON-OFF control and in combination with frequency inverters in order to decrease the height of the fountain water jets according to the speed of wind.

It is provided with 4 independent channels with relay interface, which can be individually set with a specific threshold (speed of wind): once reached the threshold, the corresponding channel can turn off the output or it can activate the dedicated control devices, in order to regulate the height of the fountain water jets according to the speed of wind.

In combination with the DMX-PWM4 Converter it allows to change the water jets height according to wind, but leaving the fountain DMX programming unchanged.

The anemometer is provided with a wide display on which are displayed the instantaneous speed, the average speed, the thresholds set for the four channels and the state of the outputs at the same time.

The programming is very easy thanks to the display and the provided keyboard.

The anemometer is housed in a modular DIN rail box.


Technical features

  SCV4 four-threshold anemometer
Code SCV4
Supply voltage 230 VAC typical (180 VAC min. – 250 VAC max.)
Wind speed interval 0 – 50 Km/h
Output contacts 4 contacts N.O.
Max output load 100 mA, 250 VAC/DC
Dimensions 160 x 90 x 68 mm (9 modules DIN 43880)