Frequency inverters


Frequency inverters for fountain pumps

Cascade offers a wide selection of frequency inverters for three-phase fountain pumps (400 VAC), in the range of power between 0,37 and 22 kW.

These devices allow to make the fountain dynamic by varying the rotation frequency of the pump electric motor and, thus, the water jet height.

They are compatible with Cascade electronic control systems, thanks to the possible 0-10V control (analogue or PWM). This makes these frequency inverters controllable also by DMX protocol using the DMX-PWM4 Converter, thus giving the chance to vary the water jets according to any kind of dynamic and musical show.

Possibly selectable acceleration/deceleration ramps of the pumps. The optimized design for the installation inside electric control panels allows to save space and time during installation. Predefined macro apps speeding up the base settings. The wide number of integrated functions offer potentiality and flexibility to meet the application requirements. Functional security (prevention against accidental start [STO]).

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