DMX Real Time for musical fountains

The DMX Real Time is designed to synchronize the control of LED fountain lighting and submersible fountain pumps or frequency inverters with any musical track not programmed a priori in musical fountains.

This advanced and customizable control device works as DMX master that, in real time, translates the audio signal of the chosen music piece in a DMX control sequence for the fountain show, without needing to manually program it.

The device is placed in a housing of a width of 6 standard DIN module rails equipped with a colour LCD screen. This allows to program and control operation of the equipment in a more intuitive way.

The DMX Real Time can be either controlled by DMX, or act independently. In this case, there are available 16 fully programmable configurations. Those configurations can also change the parameters of audio signal processing.

The USB connection allows you to communicate with the computer, using a dedicated software in order to manage the device configuration setting from the level of a computer running under Microsoft Windows ®.


Technical features

 DMX Real Time
Supply voltage12 VDC
Input DMX lines1
Through DMX lines1
Audio terminal blocks6: Right (IN, GND, THROUGH) e Left (IN, GND, THROUGH)
RCA audio connectors4: Right IN, Right THROUGH, Left IN, Left THROUGH
Dimensions105 x 86 x 60 mm