Regulation flange

Regulation flange for fountain nozzles

The regulation flange for fountain nozzles allows the perfect axial regulation of the water jet with a minimal required space.

Differently from common spherical joints, the flange allows an easy, fast and durable water jet axial regulation. Once regulated, the bolted flange prevents the change of position of the nozzle, even accidental, which often occurs with the common spherical joints, because of hits or screwing.

Available in a wide dimensional range, from ½” up to 3”, the regulation flange is made of bronze in all the versions and in stainless steel for the ½” and 1” ones.


Technical features

 Flange 50Flange 75Flange 100Flange 125Flange 150Flange 200Flange 250Flange 300
Connection1/2”3/4”1”1 1/4”1 1/2”2”2 1/2”3”
MaterialBronze or stainless steelBronze or stainless steelBronze or stainless steelBronzeBronzeBronzeBronzeBronze