Cometa fountain nozzle

The Cometa fountain nozzle is entirely made of brass, with single jet independent from the water level.

It is directable, thanks to its spherical joint, up to 10°15°.

The wide range of these nozzles is completed by the smallest versions, with 2 and 3 mm outlets and 1/8” connection.

The effect is a thin crystalline water jet.


Tips for use and applications

Despite its classical style, the Cometa water jet adapts to any kind of composition.

Its versatility allows to use it vertically or tilted with parabolic effect and mounted on linear, shaped or ring manifolds (see the STAINLESS STEEL FOUNTAIN RINGS AND MANIFOLDS section). This allows to obtain crystalline water effects of countless geometries.

Thanks to the smallest versions, high number of nozzles can be used also in small spaces.

Underwater lighting: to enhance the water effect with monochrome or RGBW lighting features we recommend the use of the Mizar underwater LED fountain lights, professional products specific for fountain illumination, of refined design, cutting-edge technology and amazing lighting outcomes.


Technical features

 Cometa 2Cometa 3/1Cometa 3Cometa 4Cometa 6Cometa 8Cometa 10
ø jet2 mm3 mm3 mm4 mm6 mm8 mm10 mm
Max height*2 m2 m2 m2,5 m4 m5 m6 m
Connection1/8” M1/8” M3/8” M3/8” M3/8” M1/2” M1/2” M
Weight13 g13 g64 g62 g60 g118 g111 g

*Maximum recommended height.