Ventaglio 11



Ventaglio 11 fountain nozzle

The Ventaglio 11 upon manifold is made of stainless steel, brass and bronze.

The effect is a suggestive fan of hefty crystalline jets, made up of 11 jets of which 10 Cometa Plus ø 10 mm and 1 central ø 12 mm.

All the jets, provided with regulation flange, are placed on a stainless steel manifold 120 cm long and with 2” 1/2 M connection and they are provided with regulation valves and shaped pillars with flow stabilizers.

Two anchoring supports are included.


Tips for use and applications

The Ventaglio 11 fountain nozzle, compared to traditional Ventaglios, exploits heftier crystalline jets, allowing to get a greater height and visibility.

Moreover, the wide opening of the fan (up to 5 m) makes it ideal to fill the water scene in a relatively small amount of space.

The regulation flanges and valves allow to obtain countless shapes.

The peculiar hydraulic structure of this nozzle allow to reach relevant ranges with still an excellent jet coherence.

Ideal for basins of medium and big dimensions.

Underwater lighting: to enhance the water effect with monochrome or RGBW lighting features we recommend the use of the Mizar underwater LED fountain lights, professional products specific for fountain illumination, of refined design, cutting-edge technology and amazing lighting outcomes.


Technical features

  Ventaglio 11
Code VE11COL
N° jets 11
ø lateral | central jets 10 mm | 12 mm
Max jet opening* 5 m
Connection 2 1/2” M
Material Stainless steel, brass and bronze
Weight 27,6 Kg

*Maximum recommended height.