Stainless steel plates for nozzle and lights

Stainless steel plates for fountain nozzle and lights

The stainless steel plates for nozzle and lights are useful to collect and drain the flowing water when the collection point, at the center of the dry fountain, is used as a further place for water play and lighting.

They are available in several versions, according to the fountain dimensions and to the quantity of water to drain.

They are provided with a wide filtering surface to allow to immediately drain the recirculation water, avoiding accumulation of water and flooding inside the fountain area.

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, 6 mm thick, they are walkable and complete with framework for floor mounting. Upon request, they can be made suitable for vehicles passage.

The plates are ready to house the central nozzle.

With a price increment, the plates can be made ready to house 1 up to 4 underwater fountain lights, according to their dimensions.


Technical features

  Plate 300 for nozzle Plate 400 for nozzle Plate 500 for nozzle Plate 600 for nozzle Provision for 1 light Provision for 2 lights Provision for 3 lights Provision for 4 lights
Thickness 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm
Diameter 340 mm 440 mm 540 mm 640 mm
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel