Multiple PWM Station MPS4

The control unit Multiple PWM Station MPS4 is an intelligent four-channel driver designed to drive LED lights without integrated electronics, such as the underwater LED fountain light Mizar 3 RGB. Indeed, thanks to the integrated 350mA/700mA current generators, suitable to drive from one up to six LEDs in series, the board is able to drive up to 24 LEDs (1W or 3W each) in total with its four channels. In particular conditions it can drive up to 48 LEDs.

The MPS4 can work in different modes:

  • STAND-ALONE unit able to drive four channels (RGBW) according to 16 different scenarios;
  • DMX Master able to drive, through a DMX bus, other MPS4 set as slave drivers (in order to increase the number of drivable lights of the system) or other standard DMX slave devices;
  • DMX Slave able to drive the outputs according to the instructions received from the DMX network connected.

The board is provided with a box suitable to be mounted on a DIN rail.


Technical features

  Multiple PWM Station
Code MPS4
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Absorbed power 80 VA
Output voltage 23 VDC (typical)
Current for each output 350/700 mA
Outputs 8 (R+, R-, B+, B-, G+, G-, W+, W-) x 6
Input DMX lines 1
Through DMX lines 1
Dimensions 152 x 95 x 125 mm