Multiple Digital Station MDS8

Multiple Digital Station MDS8 for fountains

The control unit Multiple Digital Station MDS8 has been specifically developed to provide a simple, reliable and at the same time sophisticated system to animate every kind of fountain with water and light effects.

It is provided with 8 digital ON-OFF outputs (normally open relay contacts) in order to control the same number of power drivers. It has 3 inputs by which it is possible to select the 8 memorized cycles and 1 auxiliary input. It can be programmed to execute in rhythm 32 scenes for each of the 8 memorized cycles.

It is easily programmable thanks to its wide LCD and membrane keyboard.

It can be easily mounted on a DIN guide in every electrical panel thanks to its convenient box.

It has been designed respecting every regulation on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.


Technical specifications

  Multiple Digital Station
Code MDS8
Supply voltage 230 VAC
Absorbed power 4 VA
Outputs 8 contatti relè N.A.
Output working voltage 20 – 230 VAC
Current for each output 5 – 500 mAAC
Auxiliary inputs 3
Dimensions 158 x 90 x 68 mm