Monogetto floating fountain

The Monogetto floating fountain consists of a floating body of composite material and a stainless steel support framework, to which must be added a suitable pump, the central nozzle provided with axial regulation flange and flow regulator and the suitable lighting (see the section MIZAR LED LIGHTS).

Suitable nozzles for the Monogetto floating fountain: Cometa Plus 1012-14-15-16-17-18GirandolaGiglio RealePirouetteSpumeggiante 32Vulcano 30-31-46.


Technical features

Max dimensions According to the float
Nozzles 1 tra CO10P – CO12 – CO14 – CO15 – CO16 – CO17 – CO18 – CO20 – GI100 – GR100 – PI100 – SP32 – VU30 – VU31 – VU46
Pump 1 submersible pump 230/400 Vac or 24 Vdc, according to the nozzle
Framework material Stainless steel
Float material Black or light blue composite material


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