Lama d’acqua



Lama d’acqua fountain nozzle

The Lama d’acqua is a fountain nozzle made of brass, independent from the water level.

The effect is a big compact water blade.

The nozzle is available in a wide range of models, from the smallest version with a ½” connection (upon request) up to the biggest one with a 2” connection.


Tips for use and applications

Nozzle ideal to enhance and diversify the water scene, mainly if mounted in compositions.

Suitable for small and medium size basins (see the PREASSMBLED FOUNTAINS WITH TANK section).

Cascade Lama d’acqua nozzle geometry makes it suitable for both horizontal installation and mounting of external elbows to obtain the desired incline, differently from other commercial solutions with already set and not modifiable incline.

In case of tilted position, we recommend the use of the 45° elbow.

We suggest the use of the axial regulation flange.

Underwater lighting: to enhance the water effect with monochrome or RGBW lighting features we recommend the use of the Mizar underwater LED fountain lights, professional products specific for fountain illumination, of refined design, cutting-edge technology and amazing lighting outcomes.


Technical features

  Lama d’acqua 65 Lama d’acqua 85 Lama d’acqua 120 Lama d’acqua 200
Code LAMA65 LAMA85 LAMA120 LAMA200
Jet thickness 3,5 mm 4 mm 6 mm 6 mm
Output blade width 65 mm 85 mm 120 mm 195 mm
Maximum range* 2 m 2 m 3 m 2 m
Connection 3/4” M   (1/2” F upon request) 1” M 1 1/2” M 2” M
Material Brass Brass Brass Brass
Weight 0,3 Kg 0,6 Kg 1,2 Kg 3,5 Kg

*Maximum recommended parabola length with 45° elbow.