Fountain inlet nozzle

Fountain inlet nozzle

The fountain inlet nozzle, made of brass, stainless steel or white nylon, is suitable for the water recirculation inside the fountain for small filtering systems.

The available small dimensions of 1” and 1 ¼”, smaller than the commercial standards, provide anyway relevant recirculation water flow rates, but in tiny spaces. This allows to use a higher number of inlet nozzles also in small basins, providing a better distribution of the water injected inside the tank.

The brass and stainless steel versions are particularly suitable for fountains made of fine construction materials, in which the aesthetics is also important, because they are more easily inserted in the context thanks to the value provided by brass and stainless steel, besides the small dimensions.

To be used preferably together with Floor Drainer and Fountain Skimmer.

The metal versions are available for wall or floor mounting.


Technical features

  Wall inlet Floor inlet
Code IMP100 IMP125 IMF150
Connection 1” M 1 1/4” M 1 1/2” F
Material Brass or Stainless Steel or Polyamide Brass or Stainless Steel ABS and Stainless Steel