Floor drainer for fountains

The floor drainer for fountains, ideal to empty tanks and reservoirs, is made of composite material, with framework and grill in stainless steel.

The short height (21 cm max) and the lateral connection allow its installation at floor level, greatly simplifying the installation and its connection to the drain pipe. This allows also to have the composite body built-in, while keeping visible the only framework and grill.

Also available in the versions with the extractable basket, in order to simplify its cleaning.

Threaded or gluing drain connection.

Bottom connection and with different diameter upon request.


Technical features

 Drainer 63Drainer 75Drainer 90Drainer 90 with extractable basketDrainer 110Drainer 110 with extractable basket
Connection63 mm lateral75 mm lateral90 mm lateral90 mm lateral110 mm lateral110 mm lateral
Dimensions250 x 250 x 150 mm250 x 250 x 150 mm360 x 360 x 210 mm360 x 360 x 210 mm360 x 360 x 210 mm360 x 360 x 210 mm
MaterialCompositeCompositeCompositeStainless steel and compositeCompositeStainless steel and composite