Box 360 stainless steel for dry fountains

Box for dry fountains, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, to be floor built-in.

Dimensions: 382 mm high or 460 mm high (connections included) in the dynamic version – 360 mm of max diameter – 5 mm thick upper walkable plate with anchoring flange.

Complete with both hydraulic and electrical bottom connections: this allows for an unconditioned positioning of the box and a height sufficient to stabilize the water flow. Available connections:

  • one or more 1” F electrical inlets for the underwater lights and the switching device in the dynamic version;
  • one 2” F (or 2 1/2” F) nozzle inlet or 1 ¼” F in the dynamic version;
  • one 2 ½” F drain outlet.

Suitable for nozzles: Cometa Plus 17/18/20Spumeggiante 50 or Cometa Plus 12/14Spumeggiante 20 in the dynamic version.

Provided with 1 up to 3 Mizar underwater LED fountain lights mounted under the plate, with the following advantages:

  • light protection against acts of vandalism;
  • possibility to direct the light towards the water jet;
  • absence of water and limestone deposit on the light glass.

Provided with upper anchoring flange used also as a regulation device to allow for a precise positioning of the box.

Upon request, it can be made of AISI 316 stainless steel, with plate suitable for cars passage, with lights mounted at plate level and stainless steel frame suitable for the paving used.


Technical features

 Box 360Box 360 Dynamic HD
Upper plate diameter360 mm360 mm
Upper plate thickness5 mm5 mm
Max height382 mm460 mm
Suitable nozzlesCO17 Plus – CO18 Plus – CO20 Plus – SP32 – SP50CO12 Plus – CO14 Plus – SP20
Suitable lightsMizar 6 – Mizar 9 – Mizar 16 – Mizar 24 RingMizar 6 – Mizar 9 – Mizar 16 – Mizar 24 Ring
Switching deviceHD100 Water Switch
Nozzle inlet connection2” F or 2 1/2” F1 1/4” F
Electrical inlet connections1” F1” F
Drain connection2 1/2” F2” F
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel