Accessories for fountain rings



Accessories for fountain rings

These are completion items for fountain rings, to ease their installation and to allow a proper functioning of the system.

Cascade is able to manufacture any kind of custom-made accessory.

Among these, the custom-made supply manifolds, the custom-made supports and the custom-made anchorages for lights are particularly important.

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Custom-made supply manifolds for fountain rings

Made of stainless steel, custom-made according to specific needs of the ring to be supplied, these manifolds have the great advantage of being designed and manufactured to reduce the required space inside the technical rooms, differently from common commercial PVC manifolds which do not allow for this adjustment.

Provided with regulation valves to ease maintenance, demounting and a possible regulation of the nozzles, if necessary.


Custom-made supports for fountain rings

Especially useful for rings of large dimensions, these supports guarantee a prefect flatness of the ring during the installation, making it easier.

They allow to avoid accidental bending of the pipe and consequent malfunctions of the system.


Custom-made anchorages for lights

Necessary for a correct mounting of the lights and to allow for a functional lighting of the water jets, according to the specific system requirements.