Preassembled fountain with tank Maiorca

The preassembled fountains with tank are exclusive Cascade Fontane products and represent a new concept of fountain that allows to have, in a single product, a water effect inside a tank preassembled with perfect seal, very easily and quickly installable and of absolute visual impact.

The preassembled fountains with tank of different shapes and dimensions, perfectly sealed, are reliable and tested in our factory.

These tanks can even house complex systems such as musical fountains: thanks to the use of many tanks combined, indeed, you can get an unlimited number of water effects of great visual impression (see the section MUSICAL AND DANCING FOUNTAINS).

Made of enhanced composite material, they are provided with charge, drain and overflow.

The special assembly system makes visible just the nozzles and lights, at the same time hiding pipes and electric cables.

Both the tanks and the hydraulic and electrical components are a Cascade Fontane production.

The preassembled tank can be buried, semi-buried or installed above ground. The installation is simple and quick.

In the base version of the preassembled fountains are included, besides the tank, also the chosen nozzle, the low voltage submersible pump and the necessary accessories. The lighting is not included, since it is realized according to the customer’s needs with lights designed and built specifically for the underwater use inside fountains (see the section UNDERWATER LED FOUNTAIN LIGHTS).

The preassembled tanks which are particularly big have been designed specifically to be easily transported. Indeed, being divided in sectors, they can be placed on trucks and containers.


Technical features

  Maiorca 170 Maiorca 272
Dimensions 170 x 77 x h 48 cm 272 x 77 x h 48 cm
Material Enhanced composite material Enhanced composite material