Floor overflow pipe with water level control

Floor overflow pipe with water level control for fountains

The floor overflow pipe with water level control for fountains, made of stainless steel and brass, is a combined system including water level control and the floor overflow pipe in a single solution.

In the overflow function, it avoids the accidental overflow of the fountain tank caused by possible malfunctions of the replenishment system or by an excess of rain. It is particularly useful for nozzles needing a maximum water level for a correct functioning.

In the level control function, thanks to its 3 or 4 sensors with 10 m long H07RNF 3×1,5 mm2 or 4×1,5 mmcable and sliding track for their regulation, allows to guarantee a minimum water level inside the tank. Possible addition of the fourth sensor when, besides the replenishment, it is needed also the pump stop to avoid a dry functioning.

Especially useful when it is neither possible to work on the fountain tank’s walls nor to use a built-in overflow pipe.

To be used with 3/4-sensor water level controller or 3/4-sensor water level control group.

Standard height of 50 cm, different height upon request.


Technical features

  Floor overflow pipe with 3-sensor water level control Floor overflow pipe with 4-sensor water level control
Sensors 3 4
Connection 2 1/2” M 2 1/2” M
Standard height 50 cm 50 cm
Standard water level 40 cm 40 cm
Material Stainless steel and brass Stainless steel and brass