Built-in overflow pipe

Built-in overflow pipe for fountains

The built-in overflow pipe for fountains, made of composite material and stainless steel, avoids the accidental overflow of the fountain tank caused by possible malfunctions of the replenishment system or by an excess of rain.

It is particularly useful for nozzles needing a maximum water level for a correct functioning.

The small dimensions make it ideal to integrate inside the thin walls of fountains’ tanks.

It can be used either inside the fountain or inside the compensation tank.


Technical features

  Built-in overflow pipe 300 Built-in overflow pipe 400
Code TPR300 TPR400
ø standard connection 75 mm 110 mm
Dimensions 180 x 300 x profondità 140 mm 271 x 425 x profondità 211 mm
Material Stainless steel and composite Stainless steel and composite