Built-in water level control

Built-in water level control for fountains

The built-in water level control for fountains, with fiberglass recess and stainless steel framework and grid, allows to guarantee a minimum water level in the fountain tank and to restore the nominal one, thanks to the filling function and to the 3 or 4 sensors with 5 m cable installed on a regulation slider.

The introduction of the fourth sensor when necessary, besides filling, allows also to stop the pump to avoid its dry functioning.

Its limited dimensions make it ideal to be integrated inside the thin fountain walls.

To be used directly inside the fountain, when a compensation tank is not available.

To be used with 3/4-sensor water level controller or 3/4-sensor water level control group.


Technical features

 3-sensor built-in water level control4-sensor built-in water level control
CableH07RN-F 3×1,5 mm² – length 5 mH07RN-F 4×1,5 mm² – length 5 m
Dimensions170 x 260 x 80 mm170 x 260 x 80 mm
MaterialStainless steel and fiberglassStainless steel and fiberglass