Rio 100


Ready fountain Rio 100

The preassembled fountain with tank Rio 100 is a ready fountain that consists of a tank made of enhanced composite material provided with charge, drain and overflow; in the base version it includes: the tank, the chosen nozzle, the DMX controllable low voltage submersible pump and the necessary accessories. The lighting consists of the Mizar underwater Led fountain lights.

Rio 100 ready fountain is a complete and ready to use autonomous system, which allows to build the fountain with non-invasive operations: construction works are avoided, since the tank provides the water collection basin and there are no constraints on the fountain geometry and on the water jets positioning. It is often used as an individual autonomous fountain to be placed along boulevards or as dry fountain to be installed in squares, roundabouts, etc.

The special assembly makes only the nozzle and the lighting visible, at the same time hiding pipes and electric cables.

Very simple and quick to install, this fountain can be buried, semi-buried or installed above ground.

The Rio 100 can be provided with walkable upper cover made of enhanced composite material. This cover hides all the internal devices, making the fountain aesthetically more pleasant to include in the paving and the pedestrian areas safer. The cover, made with grit effect, is complete with support for the AISI 304 stainless steel plate for nozzle and lights, ø 500 mm, 5 mm thick, slotted.

The cover can be coupled with a perimeter frame made of enhanced composite material with grit effect, which allows to increase the water collection area and to make the fountain aesthetically more pleasant.

The total tank height with cover is 80 cm.


Technical features

 Rio 100Walkable upper coverFrame
DimensionsØ 103 cm max, h 80 cm with coverØ 120 cmØ 180 cm
Charge connection1”
Drain connection2″
Overflow connection1 1/2″
MaterialEnhanced composite material, dark green or blackEnhanced composite material with grit effect, whiteEnhanced composite material with grit effect, white