Digital driver 8CH

The Digital Driver 8 CH is an electronic board used to convert a maximum number of 8 analog signals in as many digital signals, thanks to the 8 relay outputs.

Especially useful as interface to be used together with the Multiple Analog Station MAS8, when some of its 8 outputs need to be used in digital mode.

It is provided with:

  • 8 analog control inputs, from 5 up to 10 VDC;
  • 8 digital outputs, with working voltage of 24 up to 230 VAC.

Complete with case suitable to be mounted on DIN rail.


Technical features

 Digital Driver 8 CH
Control voltage for each channel5 – 24 VDC (10 VDC tipica)
Control current for each channel0,5 – 3,4 mADC (1,3 mADC tipica)
Working voltage for each channel24 – 230 VAC
Output current for each channel10 – 500 mAAC
Dimensions130 x 93 x 508 mm